• Idromed5 GS
Idromed5 GS

The Idromed5 GS from Dr Honle is made to help patients who are experiencing hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating primarily at the hands and feet. This treatment known as iontophoresis therapy, is widely recognise by the medical community as a safe and effective treatment procedure.

During treatment,  patients will feel a tingling sensation from the weak electrical current when placing the concerned area into the treatment basin. For other areas such as the armpit, treatment is applied using wet sponge electrodes.

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Treatment should be done only once a day for about 10-15 minutes. Once moisture content of the patient's skin normalises, the frequency of the treatment can be reduced to once to twice a week.

The hands or feet can be taken out of the basins during treatment with ease, and the current inhibits the patient's sweat glands secretion. This current is increased gradually to a certain intensity, so that the patient experiences a pleasant tingling sensation.