• Luvis S200
Luvis S200

The Luvis S200 is equipped with hybrid optical system and the simplified lighting spot control with removable and autoclavable handle.

High Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
Luvis S200 suggests high CRI of Ra 90 which may realize more clear and nature-like colour. It helps reduce the eye fatigue compared to higher brightness with low CRI.

Comfortable Light
Given that comfort light should consider the balance between intensity (brightness) and colour temperature, users easily know the merit of Luvis S200 as it allows to control both index. Surgeon may set adequate eye comfort circumstance by customizing intensity and colour temperature.

Pattern Changeable Flat Lens
Pattern size for Luvis S200 can be adjusted to different operations. According to the size of the affected area, pattern size can be controlled from 18cm to 30cm.

Hybrid LED Reflector
Hybrid LED Optical Design combined lens and reflector ensures high light intensity and efficiency compared to normal reflector.

Luvis S200 allows users to focus the light field; to adjust the light intensity and colour in easy-to-use control panel. It makes the Luvis S200 the ultimate minor procedure light.