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Vectra H1

3D. Anywhere.

The VECTRA H1 handheld imaging system brings clinical-quality 3D imaging to any practice. It delivers precision optics for high-resolution 3D images in an intuitive, lightweight and easy to handle image capture system. Ideal for facial aesthetics, clinical documentation, and more, it's completely self-contained with integrated flash and ranging lights, the VECTRA H1 is ready to go with minimal staff training.

  • Precision optics for high-resolution 3D images
  • Simple, intuitive image capture
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Vectra H1 Features

  • Automatic Markerless Tracking

    Dense image to image correspondence enables fine-scale 3D biomechanical analysis. A quantitative approach to soft tissue change assessment that characterises the degree of stretch, compression, lift, and volumisation.

  • Automatic Stitching

    Three facial captures are automatically stitched into one 3D image with VECTRA software.

  • Automatic Measurements

    Some only possible with 3D technology, help your patients understand their current condition.

  • Evaluate Contours Without Colour Distraction

    Grey mode reveals contours, presenting opportunities for corrective procedures.

  • Quantify Subsurface Skin Conditions

    Canfield’s proprietary RBX® technology separates the unique colour signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unequaled visualisation of skin conditions.

  • Volume Difference (face)

    Automatic volume difference measurement with one click. Visualise the degree of contour change with a colour distance map.

  • Communicate The Complete Plan

    Visualise your patient’s hopes and expectations. Quickly arrive at a shared understanding of objectives.

  • Close More Complementary Procedures

    Demonstrate the difference between the likely outcome with only one or multiple procedures. With Face Sculptor® you can explore the possibilities and help your patient decide on the best possible treatment plan.