The 100th Magnetolith® from Storz Medical is now in the possession of Dr Damian Görner, orthopaedic and trauma surgeon from the Steglitz Spine and Joints Centre, Berlin!


Dr Görner has been using ESWT for years and decided to add the Magnetolith® extracorporeal magnetotransduction therapy (EMTT®) to his practice. He believes the EMTT® complements his therapy portfolio for three reasons: its active magnetotransduction principle, its 80 mT magnetic field, and its high oscillation frequency and penetration depth.


At Steglitz Spine and Joints Centre, ESWT is used for heel spurs (plantar faciitis), calcific tendinitis of the shoulder and pseudarthrosis. In fact, focused ESWT is Dr Görner’s preferred treatment over surgery for calcific tendinitis. He said “the value of EMTT® is in the treatment of degenerative muscle and tendon pathologies, myofascial pain syndromes, enthesopathies of the joints and degenerative and inflammatory join conditions. EMTT® is also useful for therapy-resistant lumbar pain syndromes alongside periradicular infiltrations.” Dr Görner recommends combining ESWT and EMTT® for the treatment of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.


When using the Magnetolith® as a standalone treatment, Dr Görner uses it on the lumbar spine for pain therapy, for enthesopathies of the elbow joint, calcific tendinitis of the shoulder and plantar fasciitis. A course of six treatments are conducted at 2 day intervals, which has been proven to reduce pain. Patients appreciate that this helps to reduce their need for medication and shorten their treatment duration.


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