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Vectra H2

The 3D Imaging Solution For Face, Body & Breast

  • Precision Optics for 3D Clinical Quality Resolution Images
  • Simple, Intuitive Image Capture System
  • Captures both Face and Body
  • Automated Markerless Tracking

The VECTRA??H2 offers an all-in-one portable lightweight 3D imaging solution ideal for facial, breast and body aesthetics. Delivering precision optics for high-resolution 3D images, the intuitive system is easy to handle and ready to use with minimal staff training.

A completely self-contained solution, the unique and innovative raised flash provides raked lighting to better capture and view skin topography and body contours for the most realistic assessments, simulations and patient education.

The VECTRA??H2 provides two unique sets of ranging lights ??? one for face and one for the body ??? to ensure optimal capture distance and resolution.

Vectra H2 Features

  • Automatic Markerless Tracking

    Dense image to image correspondence enables fine-scale 3D biomechanical analysis. A quantitative approach to soft tissue change assessment that characterises the degree of stretch, compression, lift, and volumisation.

  • Mastopexy

    The Mastopexy interface in Breast Sculptor??closely models the way you perform surgery, including adjustable incisions used to simulate the excising of skin.

  • Dynamic 3D Soft Tissue Model

    Sculptor???s dynamic soft tissue modelling technology generates actual 3D models of the implants you select and calculates a realistic outcome based upon gravity, the shape and placement of the selected implant.

  • Volume Difference Analysis

    Automatic volume difference measurement with one click. Visualise the degree of contour change with a colour distance map for both face and body.

  • Dorsal Adjustment

    Slider-based dorsal height adjustment for instantaneous three-dimensional rhinoplasty simulation.

  • Visual Expectations

    Visualise your patient???s hopes and expectations with Sculptor???s powerful viewing tools.

  • Circumferential Measurements

    Automated circumference and volume measurements for body contouring with 360?? imaging.

  • Compare Multiple Scenarios

    Compare multiple implant scenarios with different size, style and shape options.